Best Balloon Arch Kits For Party Decorations

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The best balloon arch kits for the perfect party decor Screw Balloon

Best Balloon Arch Kits For Party Decorations

Balloon arches are fast becoming the must-have party decor trend after being seen on many a celebs insta feed and high-end party event in recent years. Luckily you don’t need to have a superstar-sized budget to replicate the look at your next party – DIY balloon arch kits are available for a fantastic price online, and they are really simple to set up yourself.

The majority of balloon arch kits will come with balloon arch strip tape and glue dots to help you secure your decorations together. The best way to build a balloon arch is by starting with your largest balloons first. Begin by distributing them across the length of your tape as evenly as possible.

To secure balloons to the arch tape, you take the knot and pass it through the larger end of the hole (looks a bit like a keyhole) , then pull it across to the smaller side and secure it with some glue dots between the balloon and the tape.

Carry on by adding in the next largest-sized balloons, again spreading them out evenly, and stop before you add in the smallest balloons. The smallest balloons should be added in to cover any gaps when your balloon arch has been moved into place.

If you looking for ways to add a little something extra to a balloon arch, a Cricut machine is a great way to do so. For example, they'll enable you to create bespoke vinyls for the balloons or signs within the displays.

Adding vinyl decals to balloons is really simple and a great way to add a bit more personalisation or theme to a balloon arch. Removable or semi-permanent vinyl is preferable for use on balloons as it's much easier to reposition if you make a mistake with the placement. Vinyl can be placed on to the balloons once they have been fully inflated and situated in the balloon arch; it's much easier to space out your designs to give the best effect if the balloons are already spaced out well.

Custom banners are such a simple yet effective way to jazz up a balloon arch. The main thing to think about when adding a banner is getting the scale correct – you don't want a big fancy balloon arch with a little banner! Use a Cricut to cut each letter for your banner out individually on sturdy cardstock. Simply stick each letter of your banner to a length of nylon thread or fishing line and run it across the length of your arch, securing it to the arch tape at either side.

If your balloon arch still needs a little extra something adding some simple paper or cardstock cutout decorations can be just the thing. Simple designs are best, so something like leaves cut out of green card stock for a jungle-themed kids' party or metallic stars added to a classy monochromatic balloon arch for a wedding.

This Bumble Bee Balloon arch kit would be perfect addition to a baby shower or kids' birthday party and is available in 5 different garland lengths. Each kit comes with:

This striking balloon arch kit in a classic gold and black colourway would be the perfect decoration for any number of celebrations. Add a gold fringe backdrop for a bit of extra glitz, and you’ve got the perfect set-up for some fantastic party photos.

The stunning pastel colourways of this balloon arch from Ginger Ray make it perfect for use as children's party decor. Why not use it to make the centrepiece for a unicorn-themed party by adding in some foil unicorn balloons and pastel party streamers.

If you’re going to make a balloon arch in the shape of a rainbow, then it only makes sense to use rainbow colours! If you don’t want to do a set colour scheme for a party, then a mixture of rainbow colours is a great alternative. It’s a great way to be able to re-use decorations you already have and an even better excuse to have brightly coloured party foods such as this rainbow layer cake. This kit includes:

If you’re looking for a show-stopping balloon garland that would be perfect for Insta-worthy photos, this would be a fantastic choice.

The muted pastels next to the metallic teal and golds mean that it can fit in with a range of colour schemes and easily dressed up or down to match other party decor.

Need a balloon arch for a baby shower or gender reveal? This green and gold balloon garland kit from Amazon is ideal. The muted and neutral colours can be dressed up to suit any theme – why not add some sprigs of foliage, palm leaf paper decorations (easily made with a Cricut machine!) or even an ivy garland backdrop to give the party a jungle feel? This kit includes:

Try something a little different this Christmas and have a festive balloon archway as your focal point for your Christmas party. This would be perfect for decorating a venue for a work Christmas do or could even be turned into a door display a la Stacey Solomon and her fabulous seasonal entranceway garlands.

This 144-piece kit comes with the following:

Decorating for Halloween can be a bit tricky, but this spooktastic balloon arch kit from Etsy is a simple way to make a big impact without busting your budget.

Best Balloon Arch Kits For Party Decorations

Balloon Gift It can even be used outdoors to welcome trick or treaters; just be sure to make sure it’s secured down!